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A Great Loss...

Hello friends,

How do you describe the passion when you come home from an exciting trip in complete overload? I met very accomplished authors, some with six-figure contracts and two with movie deals. JD Barker said in a seminar that authors should write page-turners. He emphasized that the younger generation is very much into their own feelings, so it's important to make the story relatable to them. Keeping his words in mind, on Memorial Day of that year, Kiffer asked if I would consider kicking the book up a notch or two or three. She suggested that the book straddled levels and would be better suited for the middle school level. Remembering all the inspiration from the seminar, I wanted to consider this proposal. What she didn't tell me was the timeframe to rewrite this story. Just five days. I emailed Kiffer that I welcomed the challenge, but five days wouldn't give me the quality readers would prefer. She extended the deadline by two weeks. I ignored my family and got right to work. I am so glad I listened to her. Both levels of The Knock won first place in their categories. What an awesome feeling! I was able to tell readers that they may have a meaningful experience learning from my story. What a powerful introduction to the publishing world.

I wish I could tell Nancy. The last time we chatted, she was moving to a residential facility closer to her family. Her phone has been disconnected, so it's safe to say she no longer has the ability to communicate with me. This void makes me sad. My news would have meant a lot to her. At our last visit, she told me her husband was a Vietnam vet, just like my Dad. He then became a writer for Frank Schaffer Publications. That company was every teacher's dream in the 80’s and 90’s. What a connection, and one I treasure. Thank you, Nancy! Back Channel Press will always be well-loved.

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Patricia Hoyt
Patricia Hoyt
7 days ago

Wow, what a great blog story to share, a happy-sad story. Just think of how many more students will enjoy this story by raising the literature level. Yes, she would have been so happy for you. The KNOCK is a wonderful heartfelt story that I really enjoyed reading. It was a pleasure to meet you Carolyn at the Feis Festival.

PD Hoyt

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