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Meet Carolyn...

We can journey together to cross the bridge for emotional strength.

Carolyn Watkins is an award-winning author of children’s books. She has a Master’s Degree in Education and is a former elementary teacher and Special Education Assessment specialist. Her first book, The Knock, is the recipient of 12 International awards, including the Certificate of Excellence in Children’s Literature, Purple Dragonfly Book Award. Carolyn resides in New Hampshire with her husband and three grown sons.


Hi! I'm Carolyn,
I have the best job in the world -

I get to daydream with imaginary friends and bring them to life on paper. My mom always said I was a daydreamer as a child. What a wonderful world we live in!

Creating quality literature enables me to make a meaningful impact in the world. I strive to enhance the quality of family life by offering peace of mind across generations. Guiding parents in their journey through storytelling is not just a passion of mine, but also a means to facilitate effective communication. Through rich and vivid language, I aim to ignite the imagination of young minds, imparting valuable lessons with each turn off the page. Could I be any luckier? Pinch me!

carolyn watkins family
carolyn watkins
carolyn watkins kids
carolyn watkins family
carolyn watkins

When I'm not writing books 


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