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A true story that pulls at your heartstrings and stays with you as it leaves its mark!

This powerful and touching story provides a picture of family life when a parent is in the military. It's a true story that gives children comfort in realizing they are not alone as they struggle with their emotions. Hopefully, the story will guide parents and children to talk openly about difficult situations. Every military family will feel a connection, and smile at the discovery that with discussion comes healing. It is all about the love that brings us together.

Carolyn Watkins' books build confidence and perseverance. They can be used as guides to focused conversations with children about difficult issues. These discussions help build confidence in children and enable them to move forward with life's transitions. As children learn to use their inner voice to communicate social issues, they also learn self-reliance and coping mechanisms. Reading and discussing these stories with your children will give them a safe place in which they can express their emotions and not feel alone.

The Knock, Level 1 (ages 6-8) and Level 2 (ages 9-12), teaches appreciation for our nation's armed forces, and gives educators a tool that shows the sacrifices made by military families.

The Knock - a Collection of Childhood Memories: Level 1 Reader for Ages 6-8

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