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The Knock


The Knock is an autobiographical reflection of a military family learning to cope with the stress of a long deployment and its eventual consequences.

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I want to share this story with you. In it, I tell you how I felt as I was turning 8 years old and about to be separated from my dad. My dad was in the military and the military is a different kind of life. You may be going through a similar sad time in your life or know someone who has to be separated from a person they love and will miss very much. I wrote my story because it might be your story, too. I hope my story will help you. I encourage you to write your own story, as I did, so you can get through lonely times. Please share your story here, and tell me what you think about mine.

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“Carolyn has written a touching story about the tender ties between parent and child, and the feelings of love and loss brought on by long military separations.”

-Grace Lessner, New Hampshire editor



The Woodman Museum | Dover, NH

Wilbur’s of Maine Chocolate Confections | Freeport, ME and Brunswick, ME

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