The Knock

...a collection of childhood memories.

Illustrated by Lindsey Erickson


The Knock, a nonfiction memoir of a young girl's experience with her father's military deployment over 50 years ago, is a welcoming discussion of what any child could experience with parental separation. Many current issues are woven into this historical tribute to her parents. You will enjoy reading the tender bonds of the father-daughter relationship, and the coping mechanisms used to strengthen the family bond.


I want to share this story with you. In it, I tell you how I felt as I was turning 8 years old and about to be separated from my dad. My dad was in the military and the military is a different kind of life. You may be going through a similar sad time in your life or know someone who has to be separated from a person they love and will miss very much. I wrote my story because it might be your story, too. Sometimes it feels like we're on an emotional roller coaster, with lots of ups and downs. I hope my story will help you. I encourage you to write your own story, as I did, so you can get through lonely times. Please share your story here, and tell me what you think about mine.

All my best to you,