About the Author


Carolyn Watkins is a retired elementary school teacher-turned-author, as well as a full-time realtor with Seacoast Luxe Properties. She resides in Dover, New Hampshire with her husband, Dave, and three grown sons, Chris, Michael, and Ryan, all living nearby. She enjoys gardening, knitting, and cooking in her free time. Carolyn worked with illustrator Lindsey Erickson on the book The Knock.

She found inspiration for her first children's book, The Knock, from her childhood, growing up in a military family. Her hope in writing the book is to help children going through similar experiences to not feel alone, and to let them know that they have a support network.


Carolyn with her grandmother, parents and brothers


Carolyn and her father

Carolyn pictured with her two brothers and her mother.

Carolyn pictured with her two brothers and her mother.

About the Illustrator


Lindsey Erickson is the illustrator of the children’s book, The Knock. Lindsey has enjoyed creating art since she was a child. She decided she wanted to be a professional artist at the age of seven.  She is a graduate of College of the Atlantic in Bar Harbor, Maine. Besides illustrating, Lindsey has spent a lot of time working on the ocean as a deckhand and making cheese on goat farms. She lives in Topsham, Maine with her husband and cat.


Lindsey on the water


Carolyn and Lindsey